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The copywriting of your web content is what determines your visitor's response!


Copywriting - The Most Important Element of Your Website!


This is where so many businesses get it wrong! All the website budget goes on the design ... and the copywriting is scribbled out on the back of an envelope over lunch!

Does that sound familiar? It's a huge mistake.

Of course, the design of your website is important. It's the design that creates your visitor's first impression - and first impressions count for a lot. But it's the copywriting ... the words on the page ... that convey your message to your visitor. It's the words you use that determine whether he or she buys from you ... or takes the first step towards becoming a new customer or client.

Remember, it's so easy for your visitor to click away from your site ... and be gone forever. So you need ... absolutely need ... to make your message compelling. Your web designer can't do that for you ... but a good web copywriter can!

And it's very important that you be clear about the response you want your visitor to make (if it's not clear to you, it certainly won't be clear to him or her!). 


What Do You Want Your Visitor to Do? 


Do you want him to buy straight away? If you're offering an inexpensive consumer product, an immediate sale might well be your goal; if you're offering an expensive piece of capital equipment - or a customised service of some sort - there will be a few stages to go through before you can ask for an order.

  • Do you want him to call you?
  • Do you want him to visit your premises?
  • Do you want him to fill in an enquiry form?

Decide what you would like him to do, steer him towards taking that action, and make it very easy for him.

And of course, the language you use has to be the language your prospective customer is comfortable with (see the Marketing On Line page for a fuller explanation).


DIY ... or Hire an Expert? 


Most businesses hire a designer for their website. Many do their own copywriting. A comment I often hear from business owners is that they're not getting any business from their website. Maybe there's a connection there!

Think of your website as a salesman for your company. A salesman's appearance is important, of course ... but he won't sell anything just by wearing a smart suit! He has to give the right message ... create desire ... and prompt his prospects to take action.

If you'd like your website to get new business for you, have your copywriting done professionally. A good web copywriter will not only produce web content that visitors respond to, he'll also handle the search engine optimization of the web pages he writes.


"We used to advertise in the local paper every week, but we don't bother with that any more ... 

"It's got to the stage where I expect to find at least one new client in my inbox when I go to work on Monday morning."

Dominic Goward


If you'd like your website to do this for you, call now on 0333 335 4774 and ask to speak to me, Bernard Howes. Or, if you prefer, go to our Web Enquiry page and fill in a few details.

The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll benefit!




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