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Marketing on line: SEO isn't enough; you need full online marketing services - tailored for the UK!


"So What Makes Your Approach to Online Marketing Different?"


Good question!

Just to remind you: we don't see search engine optimization as our goal; we see it as a means to an end.

Our goal is that you get more paying customers or clients! So we start with the basics.


Start with Your Customer ...


Imagine your ideal customer. Imagine him or her sitting in front of you. What sort of person is he/she? What age bracket? What sort of background? What level of education? What gets him or her excited? What are his or her interests? What keeps him or her awake at night? What would be his or her No. 1 wish?

Now think about how you would speak to this person. Remember, this is your ideal new customer or client, so you don't want to blow it.

What sort of language are you going to use? What are the "buzz words" that will tell this person you're speaking his or her language?

We all speak differently to different people, and it's very important to remember this in business. For example, if were were trying to sell MP3 players to teenagers we wouldn't use the same language as we would if we wanted to sell handmade oak furniture to affluent enthusiasts!

This is where we start with our online marketing services. We ask you about your customers or clients ... who they are, and what makes them tick. We ask you about the ways you can help them ... what problems of theirs you can solve, and what "pain" of theirs you can relieve.


... then Move on to You ...


You are very important! This isn't idle flattery ... it's the truth! Your customers want to know about you. They want to feel that they know you; they need to know that they can trust you.

Every business has a "personality" ... and it's our job to capture that personality and convey it on the web. Even the largest company needs a human face!

Then we drill down to find out what sets you apart from your competitors. There's always something, and very often it comes out in a chance remark ... something you wouldn't have thought of mentioning.


... and Keep Going!


This process continues until we have a thorough understanding of your business ... what you're about, what makes you different, who your customers or clients are, and what you do for them that's special.

Then ... and only then ... do we get on with the more conventional tasks of Keyword Research and Web Content Copywriting

If that's the sort of marketing service your business could do with, call us now on 0333 335 4774 and ask to speak to me, Bernard Howes. Or, if you prefer, go to our Web Enquiry page and fill in a few details.




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