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Email marketing - to your own list - is the surest way to make your internet marketing more profitable.


Discover the Vital Ingredient that's Missing from Nearly All Business Websites!


Please pay particular attention to this point, because you're unlikely to hear it from anybody else ... and it's so powerful it can literally transform your online marketing.

That might sound like hyperbole ... but it's the truth! I'll try to show you why ... and I'll give you the evidence.

You see, the sad fact is that however good your website is ... however impressive the design, however compelling the offer, however persuasive the copywriting ... most visitors will not buy from you straight away. That's just human nature, I'm afraid.

On the internet ... as in the "face-to-face" business world ... people need a number of "points of contact" with you before they'll feel comfortable doing business with you.

Statistics suggest that 60% of clients will say "No" at least 4 times befor they say "Yes".

And 80% of people who ask for information from a company eventually buy the product or service being offered ... but from somebody else!

Put those statistics together and you have a very important marketing lesson ... both for online marketing and for offline marketing.

The lesson is:


Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS Follow Up!


When you've got a visitor to your website ... somebody who's genuinely interested in the products or services you offer ... someone who could really benefit from your expertise ... don't you owe it to that person - and to yourself - to make sure that he or she fully understands the value of what you're offering?

And - as we've just seen - one visit to your website is unlikely to be enough. You're going to need to communicate with that person a number of times.

And that raises the question:


"How Can I Follow Up on My Website Visitors?"


The answer is: use email marketing. Create your own email list ... and communicate with your subscribers.

You see, once you realise that most of your visitors need to get your message several times before they'll buy from you, it becomes clear that you must ... absolutely MUST ... give them a reason to give you their names and email addresses so that you can stay in contact with them.

It's an ethical bribe, if you like. You promise some insider information - but they have to sign up to receive it.

You'll give them the insider information by email. They'll receive a series of emails that have been pre-loaded into a piece of software called an autoresponder. Each email will be personalised - it will address them by name. The whole series will be structured and written in such a way as to drip-feed the message that you are the established expert in your field ... the trusted adviser they should turn to when they're ready to buy.

And the chances are that you'll be the only business in your industry taking the trouble to do this!

And if you sign up to our Integrated Internet Marketing Programme, we'll take care of it for you!

If figures from the USA are anything to go by (and I think they probably are when it comes to online marketing) every $1 spent on commercial email produces an average of $43.62 in sales*. No other marketing medium comes anywhere near that level of profitability!

So call now on 0333 335 4774 and ask to speak to me, Bernard Howes. Or, if you prefer, go to our Web Enquiry page and fill in a few details.

Don't throw away business from prospects who just need to hear your message a few more times before they're ready to buy!




*US Direct Marketing Association "Power of Direct" economic impact study, 2009

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