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Search engine optimization: using SEO will improve your search engine ranking & get visitors to your business website!


Yes, It's True: Search Engine Marketing Does Get You Visitors!


There's no doubt about it: getting a high ranking in the search engines for popular keywords will bring visitors to your website ... but there is a caveat!

Visitors are not the same as customers! Beware any internet marketing service which focuses solely on SEO. Let's put it another way: would you rather have 1,000 visitors who just visit - or 10 visitors who actually buy? I thought so!

Just to remind you: we don't see search engine optimization as our goal; we see it as a means to an end. Our goal is that you get more paying customers or clients!

That having been said, let's try to demystify the cloudy world of seo. This might ruffle a few feathers amongst search engine experts, but you need to know this:


"What Exactly is SEO"? 


Search engine optimization consists of two fields of activity:

  1. On-Page Factors: things that specialists do to a web page to make it search-engine friendly. I won't bore you with the details ... it's all part of our "Integrated Internet Marketing Service". 
  2. Off-Page Factors: essentially, getting other websites to link to yours so that Google thinks you're important.

If you do these things in a structured way, your rankings will improve.


You Don't Have to be Perfect!


Let's have some honesty here: if you want to be No. 1 in Google worldwide when people search for "computer games" you're going to have a tough time. You're going to be up against companies that spend an awful lot of time, money and effort trying to appear at the top.

But for many small businesses, if you do anything at all to optimize your website for the search engines you'll be doing more than your competitors do!

If you want to be No. 1 when people search for "your line of business in your town" you've got a very real chance.

What's more ... and this is absolutely crucial ... you've got a very real chance of getting business from the people who find you! 

Remember: search engine optimization is just a means to an end; the real goal is to get you more business (sorry to keep barking on about this but there's an awful lot of fluff being propagated out there!).


"Why Are Backlinks Important?"


Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. The more websites link to you, the more important the search engines think you are.

Not all links are worth the same, of course. A link from a website that Google considers to be very important will help you much more than a link from a site Google rates as unimportant (Google has a scale of "Page Rank" to denote different levels of importance).

We'll be offering a backlinks service soon.

Better still, enrol on our Integrated Internet Marketing Programme. Call now on 0333 335 4774 and speak to me, Bernard Howes. Or, if you prefer, go to our Web Enquiry page and fill in a few details.

You'll be glad you did!




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