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Keyword research: get it right, and your online marketing campaign can bring you a flood of leads!


"So Why is Keyword Research So Important?"


Before you read any further, let me give you a piece of very valuable advice.

If you haven't yet registered a domain name for your business website, don't ... until you've read this. You'll see why in a minute! 

"Keywords" is the term we use in internet marketing to refer to the words or phrases that people use when they go to Google and search for something. So a company focused purely on search engine optimization will tell you that keywords are important because the keywords you use tell Google what your site is all about.

And that's perfectly true ... but it's putting the cart before the horse! Let's put things the right way round.

Keywords are important because they are the words and phrases your customers and prospective clients use when they talk about the products or services that you offer.

More accurately ... and please take note of this because it will set you apart from the vast majority of businesses on the web ... keywords are important because:

They form the language your customers and prospective clients use when they're talking about the problems that you can solve!

What people are most interested in is a solution to an urgent problem ... or immediate relief of a current pain. The language they use when they feel this pain is the language that will prompt them to respond.

That's why they type those words into Google ... and that's why you need to use them ... in the right places.

That's why the keyword research we do for clients is so important!

We find out for you:

  • what words or phrases people are actually typing into Google when they want to find the solutions you offer
  • how many searches per month there are for each keyword phrase - both in the UK and worldwide
  • what the estimated "cost per click" would be if you wanted to advertise on Google for this keyword

This third point is important even if you have no intention of advertising on Google, because it tells you what keywords are actually bringing in money!


What To Do with Your Keywords


The first thing you want to do with your keywords ... if you haven't already registered a domain for your business website ... is use your main keywords in the domain name you register.

For example, if your company is called Smith & Son and you're in the business of making garden furniture, you'd be much better off having your website on the domain than on the domain It tells both human visitors and search engines exactly what you do!

(Of course, many of the best domain names have already been taken - but we have a way of getting your main keywords at the front of your website address. It's all part of our Integrated Internet Marketing Programme.)

We'll then use your keywords in the construction of your web pages. That's explained on the Web Content Copywriting page.

To get your keyword research done professionally, call now on 0333 335 4774 and ask to speak to me, Bernard Howes. Or, if you prefer, go to our Web Enquiry page and fill in a few details.




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